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BS Computer Science / Software Engineering Projects LIST 

AllProjects Spring 2019

ABC Auto and Spare parts Center

Project Domain / Category:Desktop Application/Database Programming
Abstract/Introduction: The proposed software will be used by Motorcycle auto workshop and spare part center. This software is the automation of working of motorcycle workshop and spare parts which will help the owner of the auto shop to keep track of its daily expenses in terms of salary, utility bills, etc.

Chills Restaurant Management System

Project Domain / Category: Desktop Application
Abstract / Introduction: A desktop application to order Pakistani food and designed for providing food services. The main aim of the project “Restaurant Management System” is to keep track of restaurant details like Today’s Special dish, Restaurant menu, Order details from the user, collection and expense details daily or monthly.

Hostel Management System

Project Domain / Category: Desktop application
Abstract / Introduction: Hostel Management System is designed for better interaction between student, teachers, and accounts. Hostel Management System handles all the requirements for easy Hostel Management for a college. 


Inventory Management System for Pharmacy

Project Domain / Category: DB/Desktop
Abstract/Introduction: “Inventory Management System for Pharmacy” is an application which automates the business of medicine. This application would maintain product information, the regular sale of the business and calculate the profit and loss of the business. 

Resource Monitoring and Report Sharing System (RMRSS)

Project Domain / Category: Desktop Application
Abstract/Introduction: It is desired to first monitor and assess the utilization of the resources like CPU and RAM usage after every Single minute on client PC and generate Ten minute’s report and share it with administrator at server side

Stock Management System for Confectionery Items

Project Domain / Category: Desktop Application
Abstract / Introduction: This application will provide an interface for business owners of confectionary food items to manage their stocks and sales efficiently. They will be able to make suitable decisions related to their business by checking the stock and sales report. 

Android SMS Scheduler

Project Domain / Category: Mobile Apps
Abstract / Introduction; Sometimes timing is everything. . Maybe you want to send best wishes to someone in a different time zone and know that their favorite time is around 03:00 AM 

Intelligent Personal Assistant

Project Domain/Category: Android Mobile Application
Basic Functionality: Android Based Personal Assistant which performs Different Tasks based on the user input. User

Digital Academy App.

Project Domain / Category: Mobile Apps.
Abstract/Introduction: The application must be well designed to serve the needs of different students in different educational domains by providing them a platform to engage/interact 

Instant Voice Translator App.

Project Domain / Category: Android Mobile App
Abstract / IntroductionLanguage translation apps are one of the most demanding and useful apps nowadays. Everyone, no matter he/she is using the translator for practicing the language such as English or he/she is using 

Mobile (Tablet) Based Inventory Control System

Project Domain / Category: Category: Mobile Apps
Abstract / Introduction: Efficiency (less loss or more profit) is need of the business industry. The sellers need to maintain the record of goods bought and sold in order to balance the demand and supply of products, so they

Nutrition Recommender Smart Phone App.

Project Domain/category: Mobile App
Abstract/Introduction: Everything we eat and drink — the food and beverage choices we make day to day and over our lifetime — matters Poor diet is one of the reasons of the poor health of sub-continent countries residents.


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