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Unfortunately, websites do break down from time to time. There are many reasons why this happens: hosting upgrades, hacking, software conflicts, plugin updates, bugs, etc. Since this is the reality with most websites, we now offer monthly maintenance services.We will take care of any website issues that arise, schedule regular backups, and keep everything nice and updated for you. Included in our maintenance plan is 1 hour of FREE work per month to make any changes, additions, or design updates to your website. Cloudflare CDN can be implemented on request, at no extra cost.


Zain Digital Technologies’s maintenance agreements are tailored to each client’s needs and budget. They allow focused and dedicated time each month for the proactive and thoughtful ongoing development of your WordPress-based website.

Every improvement, no matter how small, can add up to big wins over time. We believe building a website only to “set it and forget it” is not enough. Continually and consistently evolving your online presence is where you truly see the compounding benefits of your investment.

Support and service when you need it

WordPress is a powerful and a very widely used platform but, like any software living on the internet, vulnerabilities are always being discovered and updates are always happening. One of the many services we provide is making sure your WordPress build is always running optimally. We will handle many of the things clients don’t consider like security updates, daily offsite backups and managing yourGoogle Business accounts (fun stuff!).  

Do you have domain names registered with several different businesses? Are many of those domains leading to a parking page or dead end? No problem, we can help you get things organized under a single account and fix DNS issues. 

Your website has gone down? Chances are we’ll know before anyone through our monitoring service. We’re on it and already looking to fix the issue.


Protects your website from shutdowns and lost customer data. Other companies simply take snapshots of your website that fail to restore it, but we bring it back to its previous state.


Prevents any website malfunctions that waste time and money. Our proactive stance means you don’t react to malfunctions, because they never happen.


Predicts website behavior based on past performance. As new products and services come out, or your site is updated, we predict how the site will function.

The Take Away

kes care of all the details and saves you time and money. End of story.


Keeps your website fresh with fireproof malware protection, new version control, and module updates. Parker Web completes web maintenance and updates when you ask for them, and before you have to.


Gives you confidence and reassurance that your website performs at optimal levels. Parker Web lets you worry about business, not technology.

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More about Proactive Web Maintenance?

With regular and ongoing website maintenance, your site functions as a source of client attraction, lead generation, increased revenue, and streamlined daily operations. At least your website should operate that way. For many business owners, their website becomes a source of lost time, investment dollars, customers, and profits. The result: your website becomes a burden, instead of a business tool. These preventable failures happen all too often due to a lack of proactive maintenance that keeps your website functioning at optimal levels. Without comprehensive condition monitoring that solves problems before they happen, business owners end up taking a reactive stance, rather than taking preventative measures.

We make Business 99% Easier

Parker Web Services’ clients find us because a preventable problem occurs. System errors lost data, malware attacks, malfunctioning applications, and forgotten website updates never have to happen in the first place. Our services remove the hassle of web-based support. When you avoid technological malfunctions, you don’t lose days, weeks, or even months repairing system glitches. With Parker Web’s preventative approach to website maintenance, we make doing business 99% easier. Whether your website needs to automatically import online orders into QuickBooks, or your business needs new e-commerce tools, Parker Web implements the upgrades that fuel your success. The proactive approach to web maintenance not only prevents problems; it also predicts website malfunctions based on previous behavior.

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